August is MAKE NOISE month!


Noise month is social yammer-fest where a group of people will tweet, digg, stumble, facebook, etc… on the same schedule. It’s a bit of an experiment that may or may not reveal something or another. As I promote this site I have been keeping a log of things I’ve done and will match them up against all levels of charts at some point. I suspect that doing so will result in a tidbit that is cool enough to make me say “hey, neat”.

Join the fun

Email me to join the fun. I’ll ping you each morning with daily recap / noise reminder and send you a summary at the end of the month.

Don’t have an account?

Have Facebook but not Digg? Never heard of StumbleUpon. Do us all a favor and don’t worry about it. This is for fun, not homework. Don’t use ANY of those services … Ummm, I guess wait nearby and enjoy the show.


I am kinda pulling this out of my butt as I go. I’m well aware, however, that there may be other clever butts out there that have additional ideas that can make this more fun, successful, or adventurous. If your butt has one such idea, please share.


Aug 1 Blog. If you don’t have a blog, don’t blog. If you have one and don’t wanna ruin it rambling on about some cartoon that only has like eight or so published, don’t blog. Otherwise, blog.
Aug 2 Facebook. Hint: There is a Facebook icon next to each cartoon … pick one and it’ll hook you up. Or: just do a random status or some such.
Aug 3 New cartoon
Aug 4 Twitter
Aug 5 StumbleUpon
Aug 6 Delicious
Aug 7 Digg
Aug 8 Send to one friend who hasn’t seen it yet
Aug 9 Enjoy your weekend
Aug 10 Facebook
Aug 11 Twitter
Aug 12 Quiet
Aug 13 Digg
Aug 14 Quiet
Aug 15 Quiet
Aug 16 Quiet
Aug 17 New cartoon
Aug 18 All in one day
Aug 19 ?
Aug 20 ?
Aug 21 ?
Aug 22 ?
Aug 23 ?
Aug 24 New cartoon
Aug 25 Quiet
Aug 26 ?
Aug 27 Digg storm
Aug 28 Facebook
Aug 29 Twitter
Aug 30 Digg
Aug 31 New cartoon + any social thing you would like
Sept 1 I send a recap to everybody who joined the effort.

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