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  • Description: Man doing ice bucket challenge in igloo country. Caption: I nominate malik ... and ... atiqtalik ... and ... pa ... nik ... pa .........

    September 9th, 2014

  • Description: Comedian up front at a funeral. Caption: Too soon?

    September 26th, 2011

  • Description: Boy looking at dead Santa while policeman consoles him. Caption: The bad news is that it was your milk and cookies that triggered his inevitable coronary.  The good news is that under the laws of Finders-Keepers you now have yourself a shiny new sleigh and a batch of reindeer.

    December 21st, 2009

  • Description: Flies looking at a guy carrying a rolled-up newspaper. Caption: How the heck is he going to read the newspaper when it's all rolled up like that?

    December 14th, 2009

  • Description: Mechanic and car owner looking under the hood of a car and finding a dead Energizer bunny. Caption: There's your problem

    September 10th, 2009