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  • Description: Two horses eating hay.  One horse has a large needle stuck through his nose.. Caption: Dude! You got the needle! Freakin' A that's cool, those things are wickedly hard to find!

    March 19th, 2012

  • Description: Man receiving award from a fish in front of a fish-crowd. Caption: He was pleased with his win, but upset that he had mistakenly attended the wrong oscars

    February 28th, 2011

  • Description: One lucky sperm has hooked up with some sweet egg action.  The rest, well they get t-shirts.. Caption: I swam the fallopians and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

    June 21st, 2010

  • Description: Art instructor awarding two students first place for their sketches. Caption: The art contest, naturally, ended in a draw

    November 9th, 2009